AWS timeline and an unrelated, but cool R Tutorial

Here are a couple of links that I thought were interesting today.

The first one gives a timeline of the AWS downtime and related issues and injuries.

The second is a commentary on an R Tutorial developed with data on participation in the GNU/Linux community. A nice piece of opensource education! Links to the study are there too


Saturday Morning Venue is moving to Texenza Coffee

We are moving the group.  It isn’t for a lack of love of the Little City coffee shop.  Little City coffee is closing on May 13 and we have to move on.  It may seem like yesterday to some, but we have been meeting there for seven years!  So this marks the end of a great run.  I am sorry to see them go.

We are moving over Texenza Tarrytown location.    View store. This location will make it easier for Rob to bike down.  And, of course, biking is encouraged.  We are still meeting at the same time.  9:00 AM until you finish your last sentence.

We will see you there.