CentOS News at LWN.

http://lwn.net/SubscriberLink/435744/d55501361e10cf08/ – current review of the project after an announcement that the release of 5.6 will be at the end of the week.
http://lwn.net/Articles/417849/ – a good review of the mailing list activity related to the state of CentOS from November of last year.
http://lwn.net/Articles/429364/ – outlines the security vulnerabilities that remain unpatched.
The community seems to be very aware of the effects on hosting companies, but I am sure that is just a reflection of the sponsorship. I wonder what how the impact for the HPC community compares?
Here is the build schedule for CentOS – http://centos.org/modules/smartfaq/faq.php?faqid=7 We are clearly out of that window.

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