CentOS News at LWN.

http://lwn.net/SubscriberLink/435744/d55501361e10cf08/ – current review of the project after an announcement that the release of 5.6 will be at the end of the week.
http://lwn.net/Articles/417849/ – a good review of the mailing list activity related to the state of CentOS from November of last year.
http://lwn.net/Articles/429364/ – outlines the security vulnerabilities that remain unpatched.
The community seems to be very aware of the effects on hosting companies, but I am sure that is just a reflection of the sponsorship. I wonder what how the impact for the HPC community compares?
Here is the build schedule for CentOS – http://centos.org/modules/smartfaq/faq.php?faqid=7 We are clearly out of that window.


matt haughney’s SxSW talk recorded for those who missed it.

Lessons from 11 years of community (my SXSW 2011 talk) from Matt Haughey on Vimeo.

A lot of people missed his talk so he recorded it in his office as soon as he got home from Austin. It covers mainly moderation tips and ideas for building tools for more effective moderation.

He will respond to questions on Vimeo.

Austin Area VMware User group New message: “vmware/storage adminstrator needed in the Austin area (Temple)” r1vy40-1gvb-10rg6

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vmware/storage adminstrator needed in the Austin area (Temple)

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