Saturdaymorning Link to the bike hoist/crane that I mentioned today


I recommend it highly. It’s better than the cheaper and more expensive versions I think. It’ll hang bikes, wheelbarrows, ladders and all sorts of things. I have a couple mountain bikes that are up near 50 lbs each and I have both of them hung on one of these hoists and I can pull them up to a 14 ft ceiling without trouble (the hoist has a MA of 2).


Saturdaymorning Farmhouse delivery service

this is the link to the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) service that we use (there are others here in Austin). We get delivery every two weeks including vegetables, meat, and dairy. They have been very responsive (via e-mail) when we have had questions about delivery, what’s available, etc.


Data Day Austin Conference

To: AustinHug <>

Hi Folks

We are co-hosting the Data Day Austin Conference on January 29th with GeekAustin and Riptano –

This event will be our January Meeting. The Schedule is still being finalized, but you can see the speakers being added in realtime at the EventBrite link. The conference is hands on. i.e. Bring your laptops.

The intent is that when you leave you will actually be able to do the things being presented.

These skills are in extremely short supply and we want to cement Austin’s position as a premiere destination for Big Data. This is why we are putting this on. Quite frankly, the amount of people available with these skills is not commensurate with the demand for them, This is the perfect event to bring your coworkers and friends along to in order to help them become proficient in working with Big Data. I’m also hoping this event will be a catalyst that helps grow our local Big Data community for this coming year.

Lastly, some Big Data events on the horizon:

O’Reilly Strata Conference – Feb 1-3, Santa Clara, CA –

SXSW Interactive – March 11-13, Austin, TX (Featuring a Local Big Data

Panel) –

Data Cluster Party – March 13, Austin, TX –

Structure Big Data – March 23, New York City –


Steve Watt